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Online Russian school

Learn the Russian language online at home. in the office. in the transports.

Learn at your own rhythm

At home, quietly sitting on your sofa, in transport, in the office, during your lunch break, assimilate Russian and English at your own pace.

Our teaching method is based on a combination of videos and exercises that will help you master the fundamentals. With our online platform, you can start classes on your computer and then resume them on your phone later in the day.

Elena your Russian teacher

The LOGIOS pedagogy

An innovative method

Throughout her career as a private teacher, Elena has developed a personal and effective teaching method that allows you to learn a language faster than traditional methods. This method is progressive and uses spaced repetition which makes it easier for you to assimilate vocabulary and grammar. We believe in everyone’s ability to master a language, regardless of their age, it’s all a question of method, and offers you its own linguistic approach.


How to learn modern languages?

Elena explains in detail and reminds us of important grammar rules as we progress. The use of numerous examples and the creation of exercise videos has also been one of our priorities when designing our courses.


Who is the training intended for? is aimed at middle and high school students learning Russian or English as well as an adult audience. If you are already learning Russian in middle or high school, Logios.Online is an excellent complement that will allow you to review your lessons and improve your understanding of the concepts covered in class.

Learn Russian with Elena

Learn Russian


With Logios.Online, you will gradually work on the different aspects of the language: grammar, vocabulary, writing, listening, and pronunciation.


Numerous examples are used to illustrate the new concepts studied. In addition, every 5 lessons, series of review lessons will be offered to you, supplemented by quizzes.

Accessible everywhere

Are you looking for aflexible and effective way to learn a new language? With our platform, you can move from one device to another without losing your progress.

In evolution

As long as your subscription is active, you will receive all new lessons, quizzes and reviews at no additional cost.

Thick content

For only €11.90 per month, you have unlimited access to over 30 hours of training.

Modern website

Our site is 100% compatible with all modern browsers. Our videos were filmed in 4K in the studio, guaranteeing you the best image quality

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