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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions

The course / training content

Elena wrote all of the courses and translated them into several languages. See our “who are we?” page.

It is always better to have several learning tools at your disposal. However, our method is complete, just let yourself be guided.

We are still working on the development of the programs, the aim in the end is the European equivalent C2. Updates are released regularly every 3 months.

For the moment, we do not offer any tutoring, but this formula will probably be offered in the medium term. Students can discuss with each other in the comments areas below each video. We also intervene if the problem is not resolved, and we will modify the course if necessary.

We are not registered as a training organization, educational monitoring and exams would need to be put in place. These two elements would significantly increase the cost of our courses, which we want to be as affordable as possible. If you are looking to enhance your language skills, the Russian TORKI certifies your level according to the European standard (CEFR).

Registration / User Access

We offer a single plan, one-time payment for annual access. The start of a subscription period corresponds to the effective date of the non-binding contract.
No, the subscription is not automatically renewed on the anniversary of the original order. The user must re-enter their bank card details if they have expired.

Our courses are provided immediately without limitation upon full payment for the year. If you wish, it is possible to pay for the order in 4 installments free of charge with our partner Paypal. A “4x Paypal” payment button will appear at the bottom right of the “order validation” page.

By accepting our T&Cs (CGV in french), you immediately benefit from LOGIOS.ONLINE online courses, the user gives their express agreement, at the time of subscription, to waive the withdrawal period, in accordance with article L121-21-8 13° (French code) of the Consumer Code. In order to avoid customer dissatisfaction, we provide free access to our first courses.

If you have lost your password, reset it here. If you still can’t figure it out, contact us directly in the dedicated area.

We recommend the Firefox browser from the Mozilla Foundation to our students. All other major browsers are also compatible: Bing or Chrome for example. If you encounter a playback problem with our video provider’s player, we invite you to update your computer’s drivers.

Other questions ? Do not hesitate to contact us !