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How do I write in Cyrillic in Windows ?

A physical Cyrillic keyboard

First of all, you will need a Cyrillic keyboard, you have two choices:

  • either you buy a physical keyboard with Cyrillic letters printed on the keys.
  • or you stick stickers on your current keyboard.

The second choice is obviously the most economical and practical if you use a laptop.

Activate a new language

This tutorial was carried out on a PC equipped with Windows 11, the process under Windows 10 is almost similar.

1/ First, type “language” in the Windows search bar as follows :

2/ Then go to the first suggestion: “Change the language and keyboard settings”.

3/ Click on the blue “add a language” icon, this section will not impact your system language.

4/ Type “Russian”, choose the first in the list then next.


5/ On the next page, you have various options related to speech synthesis or handwriting recognition. In most cases, excluding the touch screen or integrated microphone, the simple language module should be sufficient. Depending on your web connection, wait a few seconds to receive your language pack. You can leave the settings page.

6/ As soon as loading is finished, a new choice appears at the bottom right of your interface (on the task bar near the clock):


Choose “Russian”, your keyboard now writes cyrillic letters ! An application, such as Word, will also recognize that your document has changed language.


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